Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Halloween!

My little boy, who is 2, became obsessed with this cake. He has recently become obsessed with bugs. He claims any bug he see's as his pet and names each one spiderman (and no, none of his "pet" bugs have been allowed in the house). So he was very excited about a spiderman that was allowed in the house! He kept running into the kitchen to see it and to blow it kisses and say "aww it's spiderman!" Youhave to admit, the spider is pretty cute, right? haha!!

Again this cake resulted out of my post wisdom teeth boredom. I read a ton and figured I'd read a lot while I was recovering from having my wisdom teeth out, but the pain meds left me not really able to focus on the words in front of me, so a lot of baking happened instead!

This is another recipe I have been wanting to try for a while. It is an espresso cake with chocolate buttercream. I like to send new recipes to work with my husband so he can share it with his co-workers and I can get a lot of opinions on it. This recipe consisted of actual ground espresso beans in it, so it came out with a grainy texture that I wasn't expecting. Due to that and the fact that espresso isn't everyones favorite flavor it came back with mixed reviews. So I will be working this recipe. I already have some ideas in mind as to how to make it better and am excited to see how it turns out after I play with the recipe a bit.

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