Saturday, November 7, 2009

Trick or Treat!

My daughter's elemetary school (Horizon Elem. in Loudoun County) was having a bake sale and monster mash dance/party for Halloween. Since we are new to the area and I am trying to get Tinabelle's off the ground, I decided to donate a few cakes to the school to get some exposure. I've been told that the cakes were a huge hit and instead of selling hem as part of the bake sale the school decided to raffle them off. I am hoping that in edition to getting my name out, that the cakes were able to help the school bring in some money as well!

Here are the pics of the cakes I made for them:

Ghost family going trick or treating

Close up of the cute little ghosts

Isn't his monster the cutest? I want to make him my pet and keep him forever!!

Trick or treating Ghost. His pumpkin Pail is made of fondant, the candy corns are real.

I had such a fun time making these cakes! It was nice to be able to just be creative. I got a lot of the ideas for these cakes from So thank you to everyone on that site who has posted pics to give me inspirations for these cakes :o)

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  1. Awesome cakes, Tina! I hope you get some business exposure with these. Good luck :)